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Your insider travel guide to understand better the changing landscape in emerging markets, its new role in the global economy, and what it means for investors

EM in the new decade

Investors cannot read EMs in the same way as 10 years ago. Here we look at how the region is growing its new skin against all odds.


Deep dive

The Covid-19 crisis and slower growth will keep harming China but the world’s second largest economy is well armed to come out stronger than before.



Asia will drive 40% of the world’s consumption by 2040. We look at how the consumption boom is changing EM for good.


About Us

Pioneers in emerging markets investing

Founded in 1937, T. Rowe Price is an independent investment management firm that has been investing in emerging markets since 1980. Today, we are one of the largest active EM asset managers in the world, with more than US$80 billion invested in developing markets for our clients across equity, fixed income and multi-asset investment strategies.

Our Emerging Markets team is backed by one of the industry’s largest and most experienced buy-side research platforms with analysts located across the globe. This reach combined with our emphasis on meeting company management helps us to uncover the most attractive investments worldwide.

Moreover, at T. Rowe Price, we believe in team work and actively encourage collaboration between our fixed income and equity teams to share perspectives. This is especially worthwhile in emerging markets where we can utilise each other’s research, experience, and knowledge when analysing companies. Our fixed income research team often offer what we call “weather forecasts” for each individual EM economy. This is particularly useful in incorporating this top-down view when analysing individual companies.



The Outlook for Asian Equities

While parts of Asia appear to be leading the world out of the coronavirus pandemic, the broader region has not been immune to the market sell-off and the shock to global economies remains very deep.

Anh Lu takes your questions and shares her thoughts on topics such as:

  • How the recovery could play out in the second half of the year
  • What we’ve learnt from speaking to company management teams across the region
  • Which industries and companies could be set to come out of this crisis in a stronger position
  • What the pandemic means for Asia’s longer term prospects

With Ahn Lu, Portfolio Manager, Asia ex-Japan Equity Strategy

Hosted by Phillipe Goettmann, Relationship Manager

Wednesday, 17 June 2020 at 10:00 BST/11:00 CET

Navigating the Path Ahead in Asia

In this webinar, Eric Moffett, Portfolio Manager, Asia Opportunities Equity Strategy, discusses the situation in Asia as life returns to normal in some parts of the region and lockdowns ease. Eric shares his outlook for Asia ex-Japan markets, the insights he’s gleaning from local companies, competitors, suppliers and officials, and how he’s positioning for what lies ahead.

Assessing the outlook for Asia

Eric Moffett, Portfolio Manager, Asia Opportunities Equity Strategy, discusses the outlook for Asia with Darius McDermott of FundCalibre. In this wide ranging interview, Eric discusses how he’s been more active in the portfolio than ever before, why the verdict is still out on the Asian consumer, and why he’s more concerned over China’s relationship with Europe than the US.

Three Investment Questions Clients are Asking

We interviewed Yoram Lustig, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions for his thoughts around three key questions that clients are currently asking us in these volatile times. Will we see inflation or deflation as a result of the monumental levels of government stimulus across the world? From previous recessions, value stocks have emerged better than growth, but will that be the case this time? Who will be the winners and losers, and what clues can we deduce from what central banks are buying?